Friday, May 30, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 68

I am grateful...
  1. That the friends who came over last night helped clean up so I didn't wake up to a mess.
  2. That I am almost done painting my room.
  3. For Kellie hugs.
  4. That someone I love is doing so well in a hard situation.
  5. That somehow I still weight 104.9 pounds even though I've been eating cookies and cupcakes like it's my job.
  6. That I did not fall off the ladder when I was painting. 
  7. For Derby Blue.
  8. For my small but strong hands.
  9. That today I felt okay to let go of any worries and focus on the moment.
  10. For really good fresh juice this morning that totally hit the spot. 

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