Friday, May 30, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 68

I am grateful...
  1. That the friends who came over last night helped clean up so I didn't wake up to a mess.
  2. That I am almost done painting my room.
  3. For Kellie hugs.
  4. That someone I love is doing so well in a hard situation.
  5. That somehow I still weight 104.9 pounds even though I've been eating cookies and cupcakes like it's my job.
  6. That I did not fall off the ladder when I was painting. 
  7. For Derby Blue.
  8. For my small but strong hands.
  9. That today I felt okay to let go of any worries and focus on the moment.
  10. For really good fresh juice this morning that totally hit the spot. 

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 67

I am grateful...
  1. That I am so much better than I was a year ago.
  2. To be faced with someone today who made me realize this.
  3. For morning yoga in the park.
  4. That the breeze always seems to perfectly kiss my skin when I come to savasana.
  5. For Diana, who invited me to this great event this morning in which I got to have fresh juices, organic foods and yoga.
  6. That I won a free photo shoot with True Photography! 
  7. That I was able to host a mini dinner of friends coming together in a good meal and good fun tonight.
  8. For Gabby Bernstein's lecture on authentic power.
  9. For Tom Kelly's inspirational updates.
  10. That I could borrow a ladder from my building in order to paint my room.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 66

I am grateful...
  1. To Kirk Hensler for the 30 Days of Writing Challenge. 
  2. That today my writing turned into an incredibly honest email that needed to be written and sent.
  3. That I am able to be completely detached from the outcome of sending it. 
  4. That Nature Valley will provide free granola bars for the next Brunch Club Sunday of Service adventure. 
  5. That a friend is interested in buying one of my paintings. Are you?
  6. For a private yoga class from Kellie. It was practice for her final class this weekend and she did wonderfully! 
  7. That after a year of practicing yoga, I feel like I finally know what I'm doing (at least most of the time).
  8. That my aunt Edie is back home safely from her trip to Italy and she had a great time. 
  9. To be fed today, 3 times!
  10. That Kellie brought home the delicious soft pillowy grocery store cookies that I love. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 65

I am grateful...
  1. That today's writing was more fruitful than yesterday's in the 30 days of writing challenge. I feel as though I got somewhere. 
  2. That I got some errands done after my morning routine even though I woke up late. 
  3. That I did a headstand, even if I could only stay up for a few seconds. Progress!
  4. To see my parents after they'd been gone for almost a month. They also very sweetly brought home some presents that were chosen with care.
  5. To see SiennaJane and Everett, my lovely niece and nephew. They fill me up with so much love and joy my heart feels as though it may burst!
  6. To play a game of tag, and freeze, and ice skating, and hide and seek, and swing with SiennaJane. What fun to run and laugh and see her smile.
  7. For a home cooked meal by my mom and the chance to sit around the table with my family.
  8. To sit and watch the pink clouds float over the blue sky with Sienna ("blue like my tongue after I eat a lollipop and pink like cotton candy", she told me), listening to hear describe what she saw in the clouds (a reindeer, the number 7).
  9. That my family got up and came outside to watch the sunset when Sienna and I asked them to even though they wanted to sit inside. To watch the day turn into night while the kids danced around expending the remains of their energy before bedtime and the silence turned into the calm summer song of crickets and frogs. 
  10. To hear Sienna say "I lub you, Jen. I missed you."

Monday, May 26, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 64

I am grateful...
  1. That I woke up and did a 20 minute meditation followed by an hour of writing even though I wanted to go back to sleep.
  2. For all the men and women who have given their lives as well as the ones who continue to serve for their country. 
  3. To be spun around like a bird on the beach.
  4. To be invited to do stuff. It feels good to be included!
  5. For a day of sun on the beach.
  6. For quinoa and strawberries and delicious and healthy food. 
  7. For a compliment, "Your eyes are magical."
  8. That Derby was a good girl while I was gone all day.
  9. That Kellie is home safely from her trip.
  10. For a really kind, long, loving message from a girl friend. 

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 63

I am grateful...
  1. To be part of a like-minded community here in San Diego. SD has always been my home because my family is here; now I feel I'm creating a family of my own as well and it feels wonderful. 
  2. That some awesome people got up early to help me feed the homeless today. Chris, Mike, Adam, Viviana, Barb, Lisa and Jessica, you guys are good people and I'm glad to know you. If you're interested in coming with me next time, join the facebook group!
  3. That everyone donated to the cause generously and we are +$40 for the next time!
  4. To see a smile take over a homeless man's face when he read the note I wrote him.
  5. That the people we gave to were grateful, kind and appreciative.
  6. That I have a home. A roof and a bed and a beautiful home.
  7. That no matter what, my family will always make sure I am ok.
  8. For Derby Blue and the cute little way she snuggles about.
  9. For a kind and genuine message from a friend who is far away.
  10. For Kale and Cigarettes (the blog).  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 62

I am grateful...
  1. That my parents made it home safe and sound from their month long trip to Europe.
  2. For NamaSteve's Saturday morning beach yoga matter what it brings up in me it's always a work out and it's always therapeutic. 
  3. To Adam for understanding my pain and always asking me what he can do to help.
  4. To Viv, my new friend who spent many hours explaining things to me in a way I wasn't able to see them before. How blind we are when love clouds our weary eyes.
  5. To myself for potting my garden even though I didn't want to go outside in the grey wind and cold.
  6. For my beautiful new plants - may they live long!
  7. That so many folks are on board to help out with a Sunday of Service tomorrow.
  8. For Derby Blue's little baby puppy dog sleep breath.
  9. I'm grateful for the future. I'm grateful to have things to look forward to. I'm grateful that in the next few months I will be in New York with my guru and then with my very best friends. I'm grateful that a few weeks after that I will be hosting some other dear loves in my home. 
  10. I'm grateful that I have a bed I'm about to get into.   

Friday, May 23, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 61

I am grateful...
  1. That some great people are coming together and getting on board to do some good this weekend.
  2. For people being willing to chip in and help out with this new project. 
  3. That tomorrow is free beach yoga day.
  4. That I finally chose and bought a paint color for my bedroom.
  5. That I was much more motivated today than yesterday.
  6. That the guy at Home Depot was nice and did not get annoyed with me when I couldn't choose a paint color.
  7. For a sleeping angel Derby baby. 
  8. That in a few weeks time I will be in New York.
  9. For peace and relative quiet and as much solitude as social media allows.
  10. For water, which I can't get enough of today. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 60

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, today was difficult. I woke up on the tails of a nightmare in which someone I really do not like (but am trying to let go of) came into my life and took away everything that was important to me. This girl literally pushed me off of my own stool in my own house. My dreams are not very subtle. I am always confronted with new tests and opportunities for growth. I don't yet know how to get peacefully past this one and let this girl and my resentment for her go. It's none of my business what she says, does, or she attempts to take from me. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing that she does has anything to do with me. I need to keep telling myself this until I feel the truth of it and thoughts of her no longer plague me.  I am grateful...
  1. That my great aunt Edie took time out to text me that she loves me all the way from her fabulous vacation on Italy. 
  2. That instead of wallowing in my shitty feelings I brainstormed ways that I can be of service and came up with a pretty good plan.
  3. That the friends I told about this plan are on board! I'm excited.
  4. For Derby, who is such a good companion. 
  5. That today was full of silence, and that hopefully tomorrow won't be.
  6. That someone I love is handling a difficult situation really well. It shows growth and self love and I am so proud.
  7. That it's 9:15pm and I'm about to get in bed with a movie.
  8. That I have food in my house.
  9. For open windows.
  10. That with some hard work and a trip to home depot I can change the color of my room to soothe my tired eyes. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 59

I am grateful...
  1. That I woke up with a heart full of love.
  2. That the first thing I did this morning was be as true to myself as possible by telling someone that I really care for them. 
  3. That Derby let me snuggle her a little bit.
  4. That my cousin has some great friends to help her through a tough time, especially since we are so far apart.
  5. For Hairy & Merry again, for babysitting Derby again, which is like a super fun extra special play day for her and the other pups.
  6. That I am getting some recognition for my work and I know it will snowball if I keep my heart in the right place and work hard.
  7. That someone acknowledged that I just had surgery 8 weeks ago, and said to me, genuinely, "You are very much still healing. What can I do for you?" That was so nice to hear!
  8. To spend the day at one of my favorite places in San Diego.
  9. I'm grateful to myself for getting up and getting my shit together and going to an event today when all I really wanted to do was stay in bed and take a long walk and maybe make some art. This couldn't have been done without CB, who sort of made me.
  10. I'm so very grateful that after an already long and physically as well as emotionally draining week, tomorrow I don't have any obligations. 

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 58

I am grateful...
  1. That Greta can tell exactly how I'm feeling by my pins. 
  2. To spend a day with my grandma.
  3. For my grandma's wisdom and her humor.
  4. To Hairy and Merry for free doggy daycare so I could spend the day with my grandma without feeling guilty that Derby was home alone.
  5. That Derby had a blast all day playing with other dogs and getting exercise. 
  6. To my parents for gifting me tickets to the Padres game.
  7. For time with my girlfriends Kellie and Greta.
  8. That I got to spend some quality fun time with my sister without the kids for the first time I can remember (I absolutely love her kids, but it was nice to hang out with her sister to sister).
  9. For a lot of free delicious food.
  10. That my sister got home safe and sound. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 57

I am grateful...
  1. That there is so much beauty in this world. And that today I was reminded of that so many times. 
  2. That I witnessed a man in the military walking in front of me pick up some garbage and throw it in the trash on his way to wherever he was going.
  3. That Derby made friends with an old homeless Polish man who I could see got so much joy and love out of the ten minutes he spent petting her. "They just love us all", he said. "Even when we get old and wrinkly."
  4. For the strength to ask for what I want, no matter the outcome.
  5. That Derby let me brush her for a long time today, because she really needs it. 
  6. For beautiful photographs that take me to another place and time and also remind me to appreciate and be present in the moment I am in.
  7. For a dinner date with my new girl friend.
  8. That I felt like I could be candid with said new friend, and that she actively listened to me and I did so for her. What a gift. 
  9. For the Replay cover by Julia Sheer and Tyler Ward. 
  10. For the much needed rain, even if it is just a drizzle, falling down upon my town. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 56

I am grateful...
  1. For the ability to sleep in.
  2. For the new yogis who taught a great class at Core Power today.
  3. For all the firefighters around the county who have been working so tirelessly to keep us all safe. 
  4. That I got the truth out, even though it was difficult. 
  5. For the shower I'm about to take. 
  6. That my family is safe. 
  7. That when I'm not feeling so great I can look at my sister's instagram and smile at the beautiful photos of her kids. 
  8. That the sunset looks different every night, reminding me that each day is miraculous. 
  9. That AIDS Walk New York was a success.
  10. For an opportunity to spread kindness. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 55

I am grateful...
  1. For beach yoga. 
  2. For the perfect temperature for beach yoga.
  3. For the breeze. It soothes my soul like nothing else.
  4. For NamaSteve, who teaches beach yoga for donations every weekend.
  5. For all the delicious and healthy food at the farmer's market.
  6. For brunch with friends.
  7. That it ended up being a free brunch for all of us.
  8. For even more new friends. 
  9. For BOGO mascara and lipgloss.
  10. That I don't have to decide anything right now. 
  11. That Kellie was looking out for me today.
  12. For SRF. 
  13. That Jamie said a prayer for me to get a great job where I can be of service. 
  14. That I saw that someone I am facebook friends with is also doing 100 days of gratitude...pretty cool! If you are doing it too please let me know!

Friday, May 16, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Days 53 & 54

Confession: I didn't do my list last night because I was out and when I got home I was a little drunk and suppper tired. So here are 20 for today. I am grateful...
  1. That my family is safe from the fires.
  2. To my new friend Chris for sharing my painting facebook profile on his page and asking his friends to like it. 
  3. That my page broke 100 likes today!
  4. That Joe Campagna inspired me to name this blog SugarHeart after I read it in a poem he wrote many years ago.
  5. That someone who was very cruel to me today apologized for it.
  6. For the discipline to ask "What would love do?" in this situation instead of being nasty back. 
  7. That Kellie got me dryer sheets from the grocery store.
  8. For my mom who gave me the gift of a clean house.
  9. For the woman who came to clean my house.
  10. That I met a new friend who is awesome (Lisa, you are awesome). 
  11. That yesterday Kellie asked me to go to the beach.
  12. To sit in the sun, feeling the breeze, looking at the sea and feeling the sand between my toes.
  13. That the water in my building is back on today.
  14. For a shower. 
  15. That I decided to take the day off from worrying about job stuff today.
  16. For Taylor Swift. Her songs speak to my lovelorn soul and that feels good. I Almost Do expresses exactly how I feel and is so my jam right now. 
  17. That a blast from the past made me realize that I am much better at choosing which people to have in my life than I used to be.
  18. That I did not drunk dial or text anyone last night. 
  19. For a $5 breakfast.
  20. For Derby, I love her even though she has been farting up a storm. 
  21. That I will get to do yoga, for free, twice this weekend. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 52


  1. For watermelon jolly ranchers, and that they taste just like childhood.
  2. That the UPS people didn't kick me out when I brought my panting, whining dog into their store.
  3. For comrades. 
  4. For answered prayers.
  5. That when I asked for help in the form of opening A Course in Miracles to the right advice, I was shown the way.
  6. That my loved ones are safe, for now, from these crazy fires.
  7. For life as it is. Today I cried twice, both just a few unnoticed tears, the first of sadness and the second of happiness.
  8. That for the first time in weeks I felt peaceful, present, at if happiness wasn't a constant battle against my instinct. 
  9. For a loving massage from hands that feel like home.
  10. For the big giant full white moon, illuminating my way home, a constant companion. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 51

I am grateful...
  1. That I didn't get pulled over even though a cop was driving behind me while I was driving 85.
  2. For a perfect picnic in the park with my sister and her kids.
  3. For a beautiful day and a cool breeze.
  4. To catch up with a friend I had been out of touch with for too long.
  5. For a sweet email from a friend I love. 
  6. For a full belly.
  7. To get a loving and supportive message from my parents from far away.
  8. For Derby snuggles.
  9. For A Course in Miracles.
  10. For photographs and films and music and books that know how my soul feels. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 50

We're half way through! On day 50 I want to talk about the difference that showing my gratitude for others has made in my life. Late last summer I started writing gratitude letters to the people I am grateful for and the experience was wonderful. It's so beneficial to write your list down in your journal or even do a project like this, but by sending your gratitude to those you are thankful for, you increase the love and gratitude in the universe. You have the opportunity to make someone else feel good; someone that has made you feel good. You could say "isn't that a thank you letter?" and it is, but it's also a declaration of gratitude and it can mean the world to someone else. 

I started with my parents, who have been doing things I am grateful for for 30 years. My gratitude letter started with the beginning of my life, thanking them for taking care of me and making sure I was healthy and safe and had everything I needed as a baby. I thanked them for everything I could think of from paying for my college education to always supporting me when I followed my heart. It was a long letter. I put it in the mail with a smile on my face, feeling like I had a secret and I couldn't wait for them to find out what it was. About a week later my parents told me that they cried while reading the letter. My heart swelled because I knew that theirs did while they read it and I knew that no matter what happened to me they would have this letter and they would know how grateful I was for everything they did for me. 

We are grateful for the people in our lives who love us, support us, are there for us through our difficult times, and who perform the powerful gift of making us feel less alone. I encourage you to write gratitude letters, or even just notes or emails or texts, to the ones you are grateful for and increase the love in the world. Today my list is dedicated to all the people who do those things for me.

I am grateful...

  1. To my mom, for being there for me since I was a little sea monkey. For always loving me unconditionally even when I was hard to love. 
  2. To my dad, who has loved me as his own since he met me when I was just a little squirt running around his office. He has saved my life. 
  3. To my siblings, Jimmy, Michael, Hilary, and Madison, for being sources of inspiration, love, and lessons. And for my sister's kids, who teach me about life all over again every time I see them. 
  4. To my best friend Aliah, for possessing the rare combination of being the person I want to celebrate with when things are amazing and the person I want to cry with when things are at their worst. Also for always being grammatically correct and hilarious and fun and lovely. And for understanding me. She is a kindred spirit. 
  5. To my roommate and dear friend Kellie, who is a constant inspiration and is constantly motivating me to be a better person. Who leads by example in never giving up, always staying positive, being hopeful, and always being so loving.
  6. To my cousin Stephanie, with whom I have been family and friends since I was born. She is so full of loving compassion and constantly striving to be the best version of herself for her and her loved ones. It's an honor to be loved by her. 
  7. To my great aunt Edie, who supports me in my choices, believes in my heart, and is always willing to lend a listening and understanding ear. She is brave and strong and I want to be like her when I grow up. She is doing this project with me and doesn't want to stop at day 100!
  8. To my friend Ryan, who answers my calls at 3am New York time, who sent me flowers when I had surgery and who loves me in my full weirdness, including my crazy voices and dramatic hangovers.  
  9. To dear friends new and old: Bradly, Greta, Adrian, Andrew, Elysha, Nicole, Sara, Brandon, Jeff, JR, and many more. 
  10. For my ex boyfriends who taught me about love: Erik, Alex, Brady, Nick, the other Nick, and Dan. 
  11. For you! For reading this post and for being exactly who you are. 

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 49

I am grateful...
  1. That Kellie made me a yummy, healthy breakfast this morning and we enjoyed it together in the sunshine on her balcony. 
  2. For my mom! On mother's day and every day I am grateful for my mom and all the things she has done for me for my entire lifetime. 
  3. That I got to see Kellie in her element today, doing a fantastic and loving job of teaching yoga. 
  4. For my other favorite mom, my sister.
  5. For my beautiful and sweet baby, Derby Blue.
  6. For clean sheets.
  7. For cheap rose and rose colored glass wear to drink it from.
  8. For the big white moon in the navy sky, and Derby for making me go on a walk outside to see it.
  9. That I keep finding myself writing "for new friends". I am so grateful that I've met so many new friends lately. 
  10. For my clean room and comfy bed. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 48

I am grateful...
  1. That I woke up in time for a morning meditation.
  2. For work with my sister.
  3. To see SiennaJane, and that she always makes me laugh and feel love in my soul.
  4. For warm water for a shower.
  5. For a car that goes all over.
  6. That Derby has been so patient and well behaved the past few days when I've barely been home.
  7. To the Fernandez brothers and everyone who helped put on an amazing Secret Table event. 
  8. That I don't have to do anything else this weekend except go to yoga. I am grateful to be this tired and grateful that I get to rest now.
  9. For new friends, like-minded people, my black trumpet dress and a night filled with stars. 
  10. For really good food and a beautiful night curated with love. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 47

I am grateful...
  1. For my aunt Edie continually sending me her gratuity list every day. 
  2. For the way flowers smell.
  3. To be able to work with my sister. 
  4. For a ten minute micro nap.
  5. For snuggles with my niece and nephew. 
  6. That I ran into a very old friend today and got to meet her husband and her sweet twin boys.
  7. For new friends. 
  8. For really good food and being able to eat it for free.
  9. That I won a t shirt in a game of Connect 4. 
  10. For my bed, where I can rest my tired soles and my tired soul. 

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 46

I am grateful...
  1. That I was able to wake up at 6 to do my morning ritual.
  2. To be asked out on a date.
  3. That someone I work with wasn't mad at me when I messed up some dates.
  4. That Kellie wasn't mad at me when I ate all the popcorn.
  5. That my parents are having a great time on their trip.
  6. That my aunt Edie is so happy.
  7. That my cousin is doing well. 
  8. For a great yoga class.
  9. To be able to come home to an inviting bed.
  10. For the beautiful crescent moon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 45

I am grateful...
  1. And very excited that I will be attending a retreat with my guru next month!
  2. That in addition to this retreat I will be spending some time with people I love and don't get to see enough in New York.
  3. To my parents for always supporting my heart's desires. 
  4. That my sister wants to be there for what I'm going through. 
  5. That the fire alarm in my building today was false, but I still got to walk down 20 floors and get a bit of exercise after I ate lunch. 
  6. To myself for choosing to paint and listen to a lecture instead of have a drink and watch a movie. 
  7. To Gabrielle Bernstein for being a constant source of inspiration.
  8. To be reminded to take things moment by moment.
  9. That I found a towering stack of pennies on a walk.
  10. For a perfect afternoon nap.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 44

I want to get clear on something. I'm not proposing you smile through your tears. I sure as hell don't. When I cry, I let my whole body and mind cry too. I feel the feelings. I sit with my sorrow when it comes, because I know it's what I must do, even if I realllly don't want to. If I am sad, that's ok. My intention with gratitude is to take a moment to bask in the beauty of the love that is present when something happens, no matter what that something is. Our brains come as they are. When we have a negative thought it is much more powerful than a positive one. To combat this I propose we all feel those good feelings with our whole hearts. When SiennaJane looks up at me with love in her eyes I stop the hurricane of thoughts that's the norm inside my brain and I feel the moment of love in my heart. This simple act makes everything in my life better. I admit that some days are shitty for me, and I struggle with putting together a list. Even when I have to sit for longer than other days, it always comes. There are infinite things to be grateful for. Even when I'm not ok. The point is to be mindful, and grateful, for the good that is there.

I am grateful...

  1. For delicious handmade yogurt flavored with honey and homemade rosewater. 
  2. That last night as I sat awake in bed I was accompanied by the beautiful whistling of the wind through my home.
  3. For a compliment from my sister.
  4. To talk on the phone to SiennaJane.
  5. For the feeling of walking out of the salon with freshly done hair.
  6. For a friends and family discount.
  7. For free dinner.
  8. To walk home just after dusk when the clouds were the perfect combination of blues and grays and the wind was at my back.
  9. That though I'm not okay today, I know I will be again. 
  10. That hope dies last.

Monday, May 5, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 43

I am grateful...
  1. That my sinus situation is better today than it was yesterday.
  2. That I lost another pound and I am only 4 away from my ideal weight.
  3. That if I had to talk to the New York State Tax Department, I got a very sweet woman on the phone.
  4. For Derby Blue.
  5. For a delicious and super healthy veggie burger.
  6. That I stumbled upon a recorded diary entry from when I was 22 and got to hear how much I've changed and grown since then. I'm much more centered at 30.
  7. That my parents arrived safely in Budapest.
  8. To myself for resisting the urge to take a nap today when I really wanted to. 
  9. For an awesome Ashtanga Vinyasa class that both kicked my ass physically and forced me to open up to what's going on in my head.
  10. That I'm sitting in my living room with the balcony door open and the fresh night air is streaming in. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 42

I am grateful...
  1. That my skirt was too big when I tried it on this morning. 
  2. For the look on Sienna's face when I walked into her house while she was having breakfast. 
  3. That yesterday I received a gratitude letter in the mail from my best friend. That she said she was grateful for me and my posts inspired her. She shared her gratitude list with me and it was wonderful to read. Pass it on! I love hearing what you're all grateful for!
  4. For another day of work. 
  5. To meet some sweet new people at the event I worked today, lots of whom gave me free stuff, including a bottle of champagne and a spray tan, woo!
  6. To witness my sister's awesome creativity.
  7. To get invited to a yoga event, even thought I couldn't make it. 
  8. For the beautiful sunset view from my balcony, and to watch it with Kellie, which very rarely happens. 
  9. That I happened to take Derb for a walk during the perfect dusklight, my favorite time of day.
  10. That I don't have any obligations tomorrow and I can write from my couch. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 41

I am grateful...

  1. That I live within steps of the best farmer's market in San Diego.
  2. That I got a free basket of my favorite strawberries.
  3. To meet a cool woman at the market who's going to make me a piece of jewelry. 
  4. For an invitation to the beach and the pleasure to make some new friends.
  5. That one of those new friends helped me catch my first wave.  
  6. To have spent part of my day swimming in the ocean.
  7. That my cousin found a job, just in the nick of time. 
  8. For beach hair, salt water and sand suck to my skin, and being the best kind of exhausted.
  9. To get into clean sheets with a clean bod and clean hair.  
  10. For tan skin and a sleeping Derby Blue beside me.

Friday, May 2, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 40

I am grateful...
  1. That I made it through last night and woke up to a new day this morning.
  2. To work with my sister. 
  3. That my sister and I have a similar creative vision and work together so well. 
  4. That I got to see and play with SiennaJane.
  5. That my sister got me a delicious smoothie from Jimbo's.
  6. For fresh strawberries and blueberries.
  7. For air conditioning in my car.
  8. For an afternoon nap.
  9. For a delicious meal, eaten outside in the dusk light, across from Kellie, whom I love. 
  10. For the simple beauty of watching Brene Brown speak from my couch while painting my nails with Kellie.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 39

 I am grateful...
  1. That I got up early and did a great meditation.
  2. For yoga! Finally! It was wonderful to feel my body move and stretch after 6 weeks of careful inactivity.
  3. To spend some time with the babies, SiennaJane and Everett, splashing around in a little pool in the santa ana sun and laughing. 
  4. That when Sienna was pretending to be a dog and I said "Shake!" she did a shimmy and shook her whole body, without a clue that I meant shake hands. It was adorable and hilarious. 
  5. That when I was saying goodbye to Sienna she grabbed my hand and after I said "I love you" she said "I lub you too. But I don't want you to go, and that's why I am holding yours fingers", looking up at me with her gigantic watery blue eyes. To be loved completely by a 3 year old is one of the most amazing things I have ever felt. Talk about gratitude...  
  6. To my sister for thanking me for always being there to help her out. It feels really good to receive some gratitude too.
  7. To my mom for taking me to the mall and buying me new bras. I felt like a 13 year old, but in a good way. 
  8. That someone I have known and loved for 22 years (his whole life) has 30 days sober today! 
  9. For the time I spent today with that someone, just drinking coffee and talking about life and maybe getting a little too meta (sorry, C). 
  10. For the experience I just had. I was walking Derby and she paused to pee under a tree. I stood there, looking up, and as I did the breeze hit just right and a flurry of purple flowers shook loose from the tree and snowed down upon me as if I were in a Disney movie. There is much magic in this world, if only our eyes and ears are open to receive it. I'm grateful that in that moment, mine were.