Thursday, May 22, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 60

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, today was difficult. I woke up on the tails of a nightmare in which someone I really do not like (but am trying to let go of) came into my life and took away everything that was important to me. This girl literally pushed me off of my own stool in my own house. My dreams are not very subtle. I am always confronted with new tests and opportunities for growth. I don't yet know how to get peacefully past this one and let this girl and my resentment for her go. It's none of my business what she says, does, or she attempts to take from me. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing that she does has anything to do with me. I need to keep telling myself this until I feel the truth of it and thoughts of her no longer plague me.  I am grateful...
  1. That my great aunt Edie took time out to text me that she loves me all the way from her fabulous vacation on Italy. 
  2. That instead of wallowing in my shitty feelings I brainstormed ways that I can be of service and came up with a pretty good plan.
  3. That the friends I told about this plan are on board! I'm excited.
  4. For Derby, who is such a good companion. 
  5. That today was full of silence, and that hopefully tomorrow won't be.
  6. That someone I love is handling a difficult situation really well. It shows growth and self love and I am so proud.
  7. That it's 9:15pm and I'm about to get in bed with a movie.
  8. That I have food in my house.
  9. For open windows.
  10. That with some hard work and a trip to home depot I can change the color of my room to soothe my tired eyes. 

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