Wednesday, May 14, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 52


  1. For watermelon jolly ranchers, and that they taste just like childhood.
  2. That the UPS people didn't kick me out when I brought my panting, whining dog into their store.
  3. For comrades. 
  4. For answered prayers.
  5. That when I asked for help in the form of opening A Course in Miracles to the right advice, I was shown the way.
  6. That my loved ones are safe, for now, from these crazy fires.
  7. For life as it is. Today I cried twice, both just a few unnoticed tears, the first of sadness and the second of happiness.
  8. That for the first time in weeks I felt peaceful, present, at if happiness wasn't a constant battle against my instinct. 
  9. For a loving massage from hands that feel like home.
  10. For the big giant full white moon, illuminating my way home, a constant companion. 

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