Tuesday, May 27, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 65

I am grateful...
  1. That today's writing was more fruitful than yesterday's in the 30 days of writing challenge. I feel as though I got somewhere. 
  2. That I got some errands done after my morning routine even though I woke up late. 
  3. That I did a headstand, even if I could only stay up for a few seconds. Progress!
  4. To see my parents after they'd been gone for almost a month. They also very sweetly brought home some presents that were chosen with care.
  5. To see SiennaJane and Everett, my lovely niece and nephew. They fill me up with so much love and joy my heart feels as though it may burst!
  6. To play a game of tag, and freeze, and ice skating, and hide and seek, and swing with SiennaJane. What fun to run and laugh and see her smile.
  7. For a home cooked meal by my mom and the chance to sit around the table with my family.
  8. To sit and watch the pink clouds float over the blue sky with Sienna ("blue like my tongue after I eat a lollipop and pink like cotton candy", she told me), listening to hear describe what she saw in the clouds (a reindeer, the number 7).
  9. That my family got up and came outside to watch the sunset when Sienna and I asked them to even though they wanted to sit inside. To watch the day turn into night while the kids danced around expending the remains of their energy before bedtime and the silence turned into the calm summer song of crickets and frogs. 
  10. To hear Sienna say "I lub you, Jen. I missed you."

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