Monday, May 26, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 63

I am grateful...
  1. To be part of a like-minded community here in San Diego. SD has always been my home because my family is here; now I feel I'm creating a family of my own as well and it feels wonderful. 
  2. That some awesome people got up early to help me feed the homeless today. Chris, Mike, Adam, Viviana, Barb, Lisa and Jessica, you guys are good people and I'm glad to know you. If you're interested in coming with me next time, join the facebook group!
  3. That everyone donated to the cause generously and we are +$40 for the next time!
  4. To see a smile take over a homeless man's face when he read the note I wrote him.
  5. That the people we gave to were grateful, kind and appreciative.
  6. That I have a home. A roof and a bed and a beautiful home.
  7. That no matter what, my family will always make sure I am ok.
  8. For Derby Blue and the cute little way she snuggles about.
  9. For a kind and genuine message from a friend who is far away.
  10. For Kale and Cigarettes (the blog).  

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