Monday, May 5, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 43

I am grateful...
  1. That my sinus situation is better today than it was yesterday.
  2. That I lost another pound and I am only 4 away from my ideal weight.
  3. That if I had to talk to the New York State Tax Department, I got a very sweet woman on the phone.
  4. For Derby Blue.
  5. For a delicious and super healthy veggie burger.
  6. That I stumbled upon a recorded diary entry from when I was 22 and got to hear how much I've changed and grown since then. I'm much more centered at 30.
  7. That my parents arrived safely in Budapest.
  8. To myself for resisting the urge to take a nap today when I really wanted to. 
  9. For an awesome Ashtanga Vinyasa class that both kicked my ass physically and forced me to open up to what's going on in my head.
  10. That I'm sitting in my living room with the balcony door open and the fresh night air is streaming in. 

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