Saturday, May 3, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 41

I am grateful...

  1. That I live within steps of the best farmer's market in San Diego.
  2. That I got a free basket of my favorite strawberries.
  3. To meet a cool woman at the market who's going to make me a piece of jewelry. 
  4. For an invitation to the beach and the pleasure to make some new friends.
  5. That one of those new friends helped me catch my first wave.  
  6. To have spent part of my day swimming in the ocean.
  7. That my cousin found a job, just in the nick of time. 
  8. For beach hair, salt water and sand suck to my skin, and being the best kind of exhausted.
  9. To get into clean sheets with a clean bod and clean hair.  
  10. For tan skin and a sleeping Derby Blue beside me.

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