Monday, May 19, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 57

I am grateful...
  1. That there is so much beauty in this world. And that today I was reminded of that so many times. 
  2. That I witnessed a man in the military walking in front of me pick up some garbage and throw it in the trash on his way to wherever he was going.
  3. That Derby made friends with an old homeless Polish man who I could see got so much joy and love out of the ten minutes he spent petting her. "They just love us all", he said. "Even when we get old and wrinkly."
  4. For the strength to ask for what I want, no matter the outcome.
  5. That Derby let me brush her for a long time today, because she really needs it. 
  6. For beautiful photographs that take me to another place and time and also remind me to appreciate and be present in the moment I am in.
  7. For a dinner date with my new girl friend.
  8. That I felt like I could be candid with said new friend, and that she actively listened to me and I did so for her. What a gift. 
  9. For the Replay cover by Julia Sheer and Tyler Ward. 
  10. For the much needed rain, even if it is just a drizzle, falling down upon my town. 

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