Tuesday, May 6, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 44

I want to get clear on something. I'm not proposing you smile through your tears. I sure as hell don't. When I cry, I let my whole body and mind cry too. I feel the feelings. I sit with my sorrow when it comes, because I know it's what I must do, even if I realllly don't want to. If I am sad, that's ok. My intention with gratitude is to take a moment to bask in the beauty of the love that is present when something happens, no matter what that something is. Our brains come as they are. When we have a negative thought it is much more powerful than a positive one. To combat this I propose we all feel those good feelings with our whole hearts. When SiennaJane looks up at me with love in her eyes I stop the hurricane of thoughts that's the norm inside my brain and I feel the moment of love in my heart. This simple act makes everything in my life better. I admit that some days are shitty for me, and I struggle with putting together a list. Even when I have to sit for longer than other days, it always comes. There are infinite things to be grateful for. Even when I'm not ok. The point is to be mindful, and grateful, for the good that is there.

I am grateful...

  1. For delicious handmade yogurt flavored with honey and homemade rosewater. 
  2. That last night as I sat awake in bed I was accompanied by the beautiful whistling of the wind through my home.
  3. For a compliment from my sister.
  4. To talk on the phone to SiennaJane.
  5. For the feeling of walking out of the salon with freshly done hair.
  6. For a friends and family discount.
  7. For free dinner.
  8. To walk home just after dusk when the clouds were the perfect combination of blues and grays and the wind was at my back.
  9. That though I'm not okay today, I know I will be again. 
  10. That hope dies last.

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