Friday, May 16, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Days 53 & 54

Confession: I didn't do my list last night because I was out and when I got home I was a little drunk and suppper tired. So here are 20 for today. I am grateful...
  1. That my family is safe from the fires.
  2. To my new friend Chris for sharing my painting facebook profile on his page and asking his friends to like it. 
  3. That my page broke 100 likes today!
  4. That Joe Campagna inspired me to name this blog SugarHeart after I read it in a poem he wrote many years ago.
  5. That someone who was very cruel to me today apologized for it.
  6. For the discipline to ask "What would love do?" in this situation instead of being nasty back. 
  7. That Kellie got me dryer sheets from the grocery store.
  8. For my mom who gave me the gift of a clean house.
  9. For the woman who came to clean my house.
  10. That I met a new friend who is awesome (Lisa, you are awesome). 
  11. That yesterday Kellie asked me to go to the beach.
  12. To sit in the sun, feeling the breeze, looking at the sea and feeling the sand between my toes.
  13. That the water in my building is back on today.
  14. For a shower. 
  15. That I decided to take the day off from worrying about job stuff today.
  16. For Taylor Swift. Her songs speak to my lovelorn soul and that feels good. I Almost Do expresses exactly how I feel and is so my jam right now. 
  17. That a blast from the past made me realize that I am much better at choosing which people to have in my life than I used to be.
  18. That I did not drunk dial or text anyone last night. 
  19. For a $5 breakfast.
  20. For Derby, I love her even though she has been farting up a storm. 
  21. That I will get to do yoga, for free, twice this weekend. 

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