Monday, June 23, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 91 & 92

The past couple days have been a crazy (but wonderful) whirlwind as I prepared for and executed the second Brunch Club - Sunday of Service. So I have combined them :) I am GRATEFUL...
  1. For NamaSteve's beach yoga class, I really needed it after my plane ride back from NYC.
  2. For the breeze on my face, the sun in the sky and the sound of the ocean while I moved through my yoga flow. 
  3. For Adam, who invited me to do everything he did on Saturday because I told him I was in a funk and he didn't want me to be alone.
  4. For Vivianna and Barbs from Sabor Fresh, who took time out of their Saturday to go to Costco with me to get supplies for the Sunday of Service. For their love!
  5. For Kellie, for picking up last minute items, for staying up late to handwrite inspirational notes, for going with me to pick up the food in the morning, and for reading us all a prayer as we worked. 
  6. To El Indio for donating food.
  7. To Pablo and Branko for donating food! The Secret Table gents are amazing. 
  8. To 30+ people who, instead of sleeping in or spending their Sunday doing anything else, came to my house even though some of them had never met me before, to lend a hand in making packs of food and useful items for the homeless. 
  9. For all who donated so that we can keep doing this.
  10. For Natalie, who drove down all the way from Costa Mesa to spend the day helping out.
  11. For those who brought over hygiene packs and toothbrushes and chaptsticks and any items they had to donate into the bags.
  12. For Jessica, who spent her last paycheck on socks for the homeless! Who spent time writing notes of inspiration for people she'd never met. 
  13. For Keith Donahue from Kevala, who has done more charity work in the past year than most people do in their lives and still continues to give time and effort to things like this!
  14. For new friends like Tricia, Natalie, Micha and some other awesome people I got to meet today.
  15. To the homeless people, who were kind and respectful and most of all grateful to us. They lined up, they said thank you, they shared smiles and tears and they were wonderful.
  16. To Jorge, the 17 year old kid who came back after we fed him to talk to us. He asked us to pray for him. He told us that he was alone, that everyone he knew had been killed on the streets. After we prayed he cried to us and we hugged him and shook his hand. Most of all, we looked him in the eyes and told him to take care of himself. That we wanted to see him next time. We wanted to see him make it to his 18th birthday. He allowed us to show him love. He opened up his heart to us. He probably gave more to us than we gave to him. For this I am grateful.
  17. For Juan Carlos from Ceviche House who generously lent us his tent and tables so that we could feed people more efficiently. Who wants to help even more next time.
  18. To Mike Sherbakov for all his help and willingness. He knows the people, and they come out!
  19. To the other group that was out on the streets with us handing out backpacks. 
  20. That this event went to well. That we were able to feed around 200 people and hand out about 150 packs. To every. single. person. involved in any way in this project. 

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