Sunday, June 15, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 84

I am grateful...
  1. That somehow I got out of bed even though I was frozen when I woke up. I forced myself to get up and walk through the frigid forest into the bathroom to take a shower. 
  2. That I ran through the forest in a towel on the way back to my cabin even though it was cold; I kept a smile on my face and said good morning to each person I came across who was looking at me like a crazy person.
  3. For a really yummy breakfast of organic oatmeal and tea that warmed me right up. 
  4. For a half day with my guru, Gabby. What a pleasure.
  5. For bikini Kundalini. It was hard as hell and my body wanted to shut down, but I survived. 
  6. That my guru was so touched by the energy and love we all brought that she cried while saying goodbye to us.
  7. For a healing circle that gave me an opportunity to send light to my loved ones.
  8. For the best falafels I've ever had.
  9. That something I saw in a meditation yesterday actually made sense today when Aliah read my tarot cards.
  10. That I am able to spend the day and night with my beautiful and amazing best friend!
  11. For my dad, who has given me anything and everything I have ever thought to need from a father. 

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