Tuesday, June 17, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 85

I am grateful...
  1. That I woke up in a comfy bed in a beautiful room in Brooklyn at my best friend's place.
  2. For the serendipitous meeting of a new friend; I think we really needed to find each other.
  3. For a yummy breakfast made by Aliah.
  4. For free wine and food at a Bloomsday celebration.
  5. To be in the city! I love the energy of New York and I'm grateful to be here after such a long absence. 
  6. To see Herad, an old friend. 
  7. For really good polenta fries.
  8. To see Leyna, Aliah's sister, who is lovely in all ways. 
  9. That I have so many loved ones on both coasts. How lucky I am!
  10. To feel comfortable in my skin. 

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