Saturday, June 21, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 90

I am grateful...
  1. That once again when I asked people to help out to do something simple but kind for another they said yes! 
  2. That the people in my life are so kind, generous, and compassionate. 
  3. That I saw a book I wanted to read on sale so I got it!
  4. That Escondido Dentistry is going to make packs for Brunch Club for our next Sunday of Service. 
  5. That my dear friend is recovering well after surgery. 
  6. That when I walked in to my parents house today I heard Sienna from all the way across the house saying "Jen?!??!?!?" and when I got to her she jumped into my arms and told me she "missed me when I was on bay-cation".
  7. To see my mom, my great aunt Edie, my sisters, my dad, and my niece and nephew.
  8. For a swim day with my little water baby, Sienna.
  9. To be reunited with Derby! She was so very happy to see me and I missed her! She's now lounging at the end of my bed, right where she belongs.
  10. That Kellie brought home a movie and made popcorn. 

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