Tuesday, June 17, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 87

I am grateful...
  1. For Diana Romero, who put me in touch with Martha from El Indio restaurant.
  2. For Martha, and everyone at El Indio, who are very generously donating food so that we can serve the homeless this weekend!
  3. For a kale smoothie and a rose flavored macaron for breakfast. A very me combo and a perfect meal.
  4. For Aliah, who actively and supportively listened to me talk about my stuff today. She is a wonderful friend and I am so grateful that this week I get to be with her in person!
  5. That when someone let me down I was able to say to her "I love you" instead of something mean and hurtful. 
  6. For a new summer dress on sale. 
  7. To be in Gramercy, one of my favorite parts of the city, eating outside with my favorite Jersey boy (that's you, Andrew). 
  8. To have the amazing orecchiette with roasted garlic and broccoli rabe from Frank's in the east village that I dream of. 
  9. For dinner with an old friend, Adam, and the chance to tell him in person how proud I am of all that he's been doing.
  10. That my sister told me Sienna asked her when I was coming back from New York because she missed me. And then sent me a video of little angel baby SJ saying "I missss you Jennnn!". My heart melted.  

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