Monday, June 30, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - DAY 100

It is day 100. I think when I started this project, 100 days ago, I was sitting right here on the far left corner of my bed typing on this laptop. What has changed? Well, the color of my room, for one. It used to be pink and now it's purple. Most notably my body has healed. I went from barely being able to move without pain to an acrobatic yoga class last week. I still don't have a "job", but I am doing things each day that I feel good about. Brunch Club was born and with the help of my amazing community I have been able to positively impact lives. I have made some really great new friends and my circle has expanded. I have started to facilitate a women's circle in my home and it's been wonderful. I have gone through this journey with my great aunt Edie, who has also done 100 days of gratitude. I have met one of my heroes, Gabrielle Bernstein. I have grown closer to my niece. I have forgiven and let go of some people. I have cried of a broken heart. I have been euphoric in joy over love. I have been sick, healthy, happy, sad, and everything in between. I have lived 100 days of life and in each one found at least 10 things to be grateful for. And I'm grateful to you all for taking this journey with me. Thank you.

I am grateful...

  1. That I kept the commitment to myself to complete this 100 days of recording my gratitude.
  2. To each person that has come into my life during this time, like Adam, who came over tonight with medicine because he knew I was feeling sick, and took me to Whole Foods to get groceries because he knew I had nothing in the house. Like Viviana and Lisa who I didn't know until a couple months ago and now bring so much love into my life.
  3. For Derby Blue, who probably got the most shout outs on all these lists. Who has been a loyal and loving furry friend to me for 7.5 years. 
  4. To my inner guide, my higher power, the spirit guiding me constantly. 
  5. For friends who have continued to be a source of joy, love, and support in my life. For Aliah, who I am so grateful to be able to grow with along our respective paths even though we are so far apart. For Kellie, who has been an awesome companion to live with and learn with. 
  6. For the vast knowledge held by the universe and the access to it. For all the books and articles I've read and the information I have learned, day after day. That because of this and constant new experiences I am able to learn and expand my mind every day.
  7. For the love and support of my family, and connections I've been able to create again, like with my cousin who I hadn't seen in years. For his sobriety and his doing so well. For each moment I get to spend with my niece and nephew. For hugs from my mom and smiles from my dad. 
  8. For Brunch Club, everyone involved in it and their generosity with time, money, and hearts. For everything it has done for each person involved in any way and for everyone willing to help. 
  9. For Jamie. In loving him I have learned about forgiveness, and letting go, and what I really want in a partner. For the way I feel when he looks at me. 
  10. For love. Whether I feel it from Earl, the homeless guy who sleeps by the bank near my house, or in long loving hugs from Kellie or Jamie or in Adam coming over to bring me medicine, I feel love in all the ways it is offered and there is nothing more warming, more beautiful, or that gives me more life than love. For that and everyone who brings it I am eternally grateful.   

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