Tuesday, April 1, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 9

  1. I'm grateful for a sweet note and a bouquet of flowers from Kellie.
  2. I'm grateful to myself for paying off my jay walking ticket, finally. 
  3. I'm grateful to that I got to see my mom today and that she helped me with something I couldn't do myself.
  4. I'm grateful that I got to see my dad today and he helped me with a few things I couldn't do myself.
  5. I'm grateful to have fresh clean sheets to sink into tonight.
  6. I'm grateful that I get to see my niece tomorrow! I love that kid with my whole heart.
  7. I'm in pain today, but this makes me realize I am so grateful that I can walk, and sit, and stand, and drive, all on my own. 
  8. I'm grateful that there are places I can go when I don't want to be alone with myself, and just for an hour I can be in a room with other people who want me to be okay.
  9. I'm grateful that today I remembered something a homeless guy said to me a few months ago when I gave him a granola bar. "You have a beautiful face and a beautiful heart." I am so grateful to have been seen by this man.
  10. I'm grateful that when I called a good friend, even though it was late on the east coast, he picked up and gave me a nugget of good advice. He told me "Don't put your energy into something that's not giving anything back to you". And he's right. 

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