Friday, April 25, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 33

I am grateful...
  1. For 3 good hair days in a row (extremely rare). 
  2. For kind and loving words from my aunt Edie.
  3. To see the beauty of how someone else sees me. 
  4. That I got out of bed for a coffee meeting after only 3 hours of sleep.
  5. For painkillers when absolutely necessary. 
  6. For the peace and rejuvenation of sleep. 
  7. For Derby Blue.
  8. For photographs, both taken by others and by my own mind's eye.
  9. That though I wasn't able to sleep, a sense of calm remained inside me all night and morning long. 
  10. That what I know is only the beginning. 
  11. That my biggest responsibility today was taking care of Derby.
  12. That I know this migraine will pass eventually. 

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