Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 31

I am grateful!

  1. That I started my day by opening a book to a passage about saying no, and how sometimes it's the best way to serve your heart. It was today!
  2. That a last minute spot opened up for me at an event and I was invited. 
  3. That I got to see Kathy Najimi speak. She was amazing!
  4. To be inspired by amazing people doing work I admire. 
  5. To meet some good people and expand my world. 
  6. For Derby Blue, always adorable, always sweet. 
  7. To my mom, who only said "I told you so" a little bit, and in the most loving way possible.
  8. That sometimes people make it easy for you to walk away from them.
  9. To myself. For making difficult decisions, and choosing the harder option. As The Frey song goes "Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same."
  10. To Kellie, for being a really great friend. Today she invited me to a place she knew I wanted to be, she understood and respected my opinion, she listened with a loving ear, and she bought me coconut water when I really needed something to mix with my tequila. 
  11. To one year ago Jen who wrote a list of all the things she wanted in a partner. 
  12. To present day Jen, for not denying myself those things. 
  13. To my aunt Edie, for texting me her gratitude list. For being a wonderful woman and a great friend. 

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