Monday, April 21, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 29

I recently read an article about how gratitude can hold you back from advancing your life, and I must say...whoever feels that way must not be doing it right. I believe that like breeds like. What we focus on is what we call in. If you start your day by stubbing your toe on the way to the shower and think "This is a shitty day" all throughout your morning, you won't be surprised when you're coffee spills, you're stuck in traffic, and your boss notices you're 5 minutes late. If you instead focus on gratitude, like "I stubbed my toe. But in a minute it will stop hurting, and I'm so glad I woke up in time to take a long hot shower", you might instead notice a cute dog on your way to get coffee, enjoy a good song and fresh air from your windows rolled down while you're in traffic, etc.

The idea from the article was, for example, that if you're grateful that you have a job you won't ask for a raise. As someone who practices gratitude I can tell you that when I'm grateful I want more good things for myself and especially others. "Life is good. How can I make it even better? What can I do? Who can I help?" are some thoughts that gratitude breeds in my own mind. It's also key to remember to be grateful for yourself. You can be grateful to yourself for killing it at work and realize that it is time for a raise. I know that when I'm grateful for life's blessings I'm much more likely to be grateful to myself instead of looking down on and being hard on myself. And I bet you are too.

Sometimes we stub our toes. It still hurts for a few minutes whether or not we want it to. But our reaction is what we have control over, and what will set the course of our lives.

Today I'm grateful...

  1. For an epic nap! I know that once I start working again I won't have this luxury, so I'm loving every minute of it. 
  2. That my women's network is getting some traction! I'm so excited for it! If you're a San Diego woman, check out the San Diego Miracle Worker's Power Posse I started on and request to join.
  3. That I got to cross 2 major things off my to do list today.
  4. That my sister, brother in law, and father are all feeling better. Family health is on the mend. 
  5. For night drives with the windows down. 
  6. That Kellie is home safely and soundly. 
  7. That my cousin is safe...I have been worrying about him so much lately. 
  8. For open and honest conversations. 
  9. To be confident that the universe is taking care of me. 
  10. That I trust that what's real cannot be threatened. 

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