Tuesday, April 15, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 23

  1. Flowering purple trees in my neighborhood
  2. A great morning meditation followed by writing 
  3. A morning walk with Derby Blue
  4. Red and purple roses that smell amazing
  5. Spending some quality time alone with my brother
  6. Having a meal with my family
  7. Help from my dad
  8. A phone call with my best friend
  9. My mom's laughter and smiles when she opened the gift I gave her
  10. SiennaJane
  11. Thoughtful advice from good friends
  12. Feeling that I know am guided
  13. Being actively true to myself 
  14. Open communication with an important person
  15. Getting things off my chest
  16. A book opening to the perfect page 
  17. Arielle Ford and the Art of Love
  18. Gabby Bernstein 
  19. Katherine Woodward Thomas
  20. That I took the time to read through my journal from last year at this time and was able to witness and appreciate how far I've come...and then realize there is more work to be done
  21. A great evening meditation 

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