Thursday, April 10, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 18

  1. I am grateful I received some very nice words today from some people I love.
  2. I'm grateful that my sister is ok and on the road to being better.
  3. I'm grateful that my aunt Edie's sinus infection is gone.
  4. I'm grateful to have spent the day with my family.
  5. I'm grateful to and for my niece and nephew. They constantly show me how to play, how to have fun, how to let go, and that sometimes it's best just to get naked.
  6. I'm grateful I got to eat a fresh orange picked from my parents yard, sharing it in a huge mess with SiennaJane and Everett.
  7. I'm grateful I got to sit and read a stack of books with SiennaJane in my arms listening and learning.
  8. I'm grateful I got to play ball with SiennaJane in the pool and hear her laugh and watch her smile so big and innocently. Childhood is such a gift and this kid makes me so happy.
  9. I'm grateful for Everett's chubby little cheeks.
  10. I'm grateful for bath time with the little ones. Their little clean nakey selves are just too cute. 

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